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Majvest 18" Wide

Majvest 18" Wide

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SIGA Majvest: 18" Wide

Width: 18" 

Length: 164 feet

Square Footage: 807 square feet

Thickness: 0.5 mm

US Perm Rating: 68

The sturdy and rainproof membrane Majvest provides for permanently windtight facades on the outside. SIGA-Majvest is highly tearproof and flexible, so it is easy and safe to lay. The material is diffusion-open and permanently protects the wall construction from condensation build-up. With a width of 4.9 feet and the practical cutting and bonding aid SIGA-Majvest can be applied very efficiently. Material: 3 layered, microporous functional layer, reinforced on both sides with PP fibre-fleece.


  • 3 layer, tear-proof and flexible - can be laid easily, quickly, and securely
  • 3 m wide with cutting and bonding aid - saves time
  • For all closed facades - for all-purpose application

Tape the staple heads and seal the overlap joints and connections with matching exterior tape for SIGA Majvest: Wigluv 60

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