Collection: KlimaGuard

KlimaGuard Building Tape Saves you Money on Your High Performance Tape Needs

Tired of spending a fortune on building tapes that end up being hidden inside walls, never to be seen again until that costly invoice comes at the end of the month? Now you can get high-quality building tapes without a high price tag by switching to KlimaGuard tapes offered through Small Planet Supply.

KlimaGuard Offers Tapes for Interior and Exterior Use

There are KlimaGuard products for almost all of your building tape needs that come in at a much lower price point than competing high quality brands. With this low price you still get a high-quality product made to exacting standards. KlimaGuard products are designed and produced in German and Swiss factories and offer excellent tack and very high aging resistance. KlimaGuard uses the same acrylic dispersion adhesive system as other high end building tapes that is a tried-and-true method for long term applications anywhere in a building.