Roll of SIGA Fentrim IS 20: 3" Wide Tape

Fentrim IS 20: 3" Wide

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Fentrim IS 20: 3" Wide

Width: 3" wide by 82' long prefolded roll. 
Folds are: 5/8" & 2 1/4" wide (15/60 mm).

The pre-folded, robust adhesive tape is especially suitable for sealing interior structural joints in solid structures and metal structures where connections are required to window and door frames.

  • extremely high adhesive strength on entire surface
  • easy to apply, immediately 100% tight
  • 15 mm pre-folded, without backing strip
  • fastest bonding to window frames
  • bonding from -10°C
  • fast and tight window installation all year-round

Fentrim IS-20 TDS