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Rissan Corners 430

Rissan Corners 430

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Introducing SIGA Rissan 430 Grey Corner, a durable pre-formed acrylic corner flashing solution designed for impermeable sealing. Its dimensionally stable PE carrier withstands job site abrasions while remaining flexible and pliable, even in sub-zero temperatures. Rissan 430 Grey provides exceptional adhesion to cured concrete, metal, and wood surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Exceptionally strong adhesive properties on all surfaces.
  • Simple application for immediate and complete tightness.
  • Enhanced with EPDM reinforcement to prevent pinholes.
  • Suitable for bonding in temperatures as low as -10°C/14°F, ensuring rapid and secure window installations throughout the year.

Dimensinos: 3"x6"
Water Vapor Transmission: <0.01 US perms
Minimum surface contact for masonry substrate: 2"

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