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Heco Topix Countersunk 8x160mm Stainless Steel T40 - 100/bx

Heco Topix Countersunk 8x160mm Stainless Steel T40 - 100/bx

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HECO-TOPIX A2 8,0 x 160, countersunk head with milling grooves, T-Drive, part threaded, self-colour, coated, 100 pieces, VARIANTA - Boxes for professionals

The HECO-TOPIX® family offers a wide range of ETA-certified wood construction screws specifically for wood-to-wood connections. All HECO-TOPIX® versions feature a patented tip and shaft design, which allows a quick and secure insertion without pre-drilling and counter sinking. They reduce splitting of the timber and enable the insertion with low driving torque. Depending on the application, HECO-TOPIX® screws are available with part or full thread, and with countersunk, raised countersunk, pan or cylinder head. They are suitable for various applications, like fastening of glass strips, solar systems and decking boards. There are also two versions for specific demands, the HECO-TOPIX-CombiConnect and the HECO-TOPIX-Therm.

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