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Fresh-R HRV Systems

Fresh-R HRV Systems

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Fresh-R HRVs For Clean Air Ventilation

Fresh-R's HRV systems are an excellent choice for those looking to add an HRV to an existing build or as part of a retrofit. Fresh-R HRVs use decentralized in-wall units to transfer filtered air into and out of your home, all the while capturing the heat from extract air and transferring it to the intake air. Fresh-R features a full compliment of sensors and management systems, including CO2 sensors, air quality and energy data, and the Fresh-R Forward passthrough for interior walls. You can learn more about the Fresh-R HRVs on the Fresh-R page on the Small Planet Supply website.

Ordering Fresh-R HRVs From Small Planet Supply

Small Planet Supply is able to provide Fresh-R HRVs in most Western US states and Canadian territories, and the Canadian Maritimes. If you are interested in learning more before purchasing, you can request more information from us on our Fresh-R page or schedule a complimentary consultation.

Getting Started With Your Fresh-R HRV Purchase From Small Planet Supply

Small Planet Supply makes it easy for homeowners and businesses to work with us. If you’re an installer or other business, you can view all Fresh-R HRVs and components at the Small Planet Supply Catalog. Products are listed without pricing until you open a Business Connections account. After opening your account, you’ll see the pricing available to your business and be able to order all products directly through the catalog.

For questions on pricing, call: 855-367-7442.

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