About Small Planet Supply

Small Planet Supply is a company dedicated to the supply, education, and training in the use of energy-efficient building materials and practices. We are passionate champions of the concept that humans can build buildings to live in, while caring for and restoring the environment.

In keeping with this mission, our company supplies and educates building-industry designers and builders in the use of toxin-free, energy-efficient building materials as well as energy-saving mechanical systems.

Products we carry include:

KlimaGuard, SIGA, Henry products, Zehnder ventilation systems, Midea ductless mini-splits, SANCO2 heat pump water heaters, Hanno Band, Thermacork 100% natural cork insulation, Prosoco, and Roxul mineral wool insulation.

With two warehouse locations (Vancouver, British Columbia and Tumwater, Washington), a knowledgeable customer service team, and an online store that’s open 24 hours a day, we can help you with your high-energy building project needs. More information about our products and trainings can be found at our website: www.smallplanetsupply.com.  For on-demand training opportunities, check out our new learning platform: Small Planet University.