Midea 12K Standard Series Kit

Midea 12K Standard Series Kit

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Midea DIY Heat Pump & Wall Unit

** This kit incudes 1 High Wall Unit and 1 Heat pump, and provides enough capacity to meet a 12,000 BTU/h demand specification. Line Set sold separately **

Midea Ductless Heat Pump & Indoor Unit Kits 

These kits take the guess work out of sizing and selecting a mini split system to fit your needs. Small Planet Supply engineers have done the work of pairing the appropriate heat pumps with indoor wall units to meet a variety of heating/cooling capacities. Once you figure out how much capacity you need, then just find the corresponding Midea Kit that fits your needs. This 12k Kit contains one Midea outdoor Heat Pump unit and one Midea High Wall fan unit, the kit is rated for 12,000 BTU/h and serves a single zone. This kit provides the main two components of the system, but the line set will need to be sourced separately since the length of line needed will vary based on installation location and distance between the units. The line set carries the refrigerant between the outdoor unit that does the work of heating or cooling it and transports it to the indoor wall unit. Variable speed fans blow over the refrigerant filled coils and heat or cool the room. With a SEER rating of 20, this way of heating and cooling is much more efficient than electric resistance and much greener than burning natural gas. Choose a Midea mini split for a comfortable home and a happy environment.

These units are designed to be compact, which makes them ideal for many spaces, be they new construction, replacement of old hardware, or renovation of older construction. The indoor fan unit has a clean and minimalistic design and sits high on the wall, unobtrusive and out of the way. With the absence of ductwork, these units can be installed on existing walls without issue. The outdoor heat pump units do all of the hard work of heating or cooling the refrigerant, and do so quietly, meaning noisy appliances are not a worry for you or your neighbors. Worried about if the outdoor unit can operate at below freezing temps? Worry not, the heat pump features a built in base pan heater to protect form snow and ice build up, and the unit is rated to continue producing heat all the way down to -22F, meaning you can count on a warm home in all but the coldest of North American climates.

Warranty Information:

Air conditioner and Heat Pump Condensing Unit/Fan Coil are warrantied for 7 years on the compressor and 5 years for parts. Product must be installed properly and by a licensed HVAC technician.