KlimaGuard Green Interior Sealing Tape: 2-1/4" Wide

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KlimaGuard Green Interior Air Sealing Tape: 2-1/4" Wide

KlimaGuard Green is a sealing and bonding tape suitable for interior air sealing. The unique adhesive properties of KlimaGuard Green make it suitable for covering the overlaps of various surfaces, such as plywood, chipboard, and flexible vapor barrier material.

This product meets the strict requirements of EnEV (DIN 4108/7), regarding the permanent airtight sealing of vapor barrier sheeting.

The high performance adhesive system ensures excellent tack values and adheres well to the polar 

surfaces of solid construction materials and also to non-polar, low energy surfaces, such as PE-film.
The elastic LPDE-film carrier ensures optimum sealing on various surfaces and overlaps.

All surfaces and materials have to be dry, free of dust and oil at the lamination area. All residues of cleaning agents or other auxiliary agents should be removed with clean, dry cloth. The application should be stress/tension free. Where stress/tension free application cannot be ensured, the materials have to be fixed additionally with mechanical means.

Adhesive Carrier: LPDE Film, green, scrim reinforced

Adhesive: Acrylic Dispersion

Temperature Resistance: -22F - 212F

Each roll of tape measures: 2-1/4" x 82'

Made In Switzerland